“New staff members as well as seasoned higher education administrators need continual training in seemingly common sense areas—that is because common sense is not common practice.

“Finally a training product focused on better relationships with colleagues, managers, and subordinates.  Improved individual behavior equals improved organizational outcomes.”

Soft Skills are really tools that you can learn, internalize, and then apply naturally in any situation to make that situation better.”


WHY should you try SoftSkillsPros?


  • Tools and knowledge to put into practice
  • Self-awareness through assessments & exercises
  • Improve job skills and potential for promotion


  • Enhance team relationships
  • Enhance service levels and student outcomes
  • Increase recruitment yields and retention rates
  • Improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Measure and assess organizational culture
  • Pre- and post-training comparisons

WHO is the Training for?

Higher Education Professionals and Staff including but not limited to:

  • Student Affairs
  • Enrollment Management
  • Advising/Academic Affairs
  • Foundation/Alumni Offices
  • Business and Support Services

WHAT does SoftSkillsPros offer?

  • Online Training modules to take individually
  • On-site seminars for teams
  • Organizational Development Consulting