“New staff members as well as seasoned higher education administrators need continual training in seemingly common sense areas—that is because common sense is not common practice.

“Finally a training product focused on better relationships with colleagues, managers, and subordinates.  Improved individual behavior equals improved organizational outcomes.”

Soft Skills are really tools that you can learn, internalize, and then apply naturally in any situation to make that situation better.”


What are Soft Skills?
Answer: Soft Skills are personal attributes that enhance interactions and job performance at the individual and organizational level.  Unlike hard skills (skills specific to a certain task) soft skills are broadly applicable.  Unfortunately, institutions are often quick to invest in training for new systems or processes while overlooking the importance of soft skills development for individual employees and the departments they work in.  Here at SoftSkillsPros we believe that an investment in soft skills will equal an improvement in employee morale and productivity as well as increased success for the institution and its students.
Is SoftSkillsPros a generic training company?
Answer: No. SoftSkillsPros is a company focused on providing a service to colleges and universities—the higher education industry. All of our partners have experience working and teaching in higher education. We also have experience researching and writing about higher education as an industry.  Additionally, we have years of customer service and management experience, which we have tailored to the higher education industry.
Is the training content higher education specific?
Answer: Our partners believe that good information comes from many fields and disciplines, but the focus of SoftSkillsPros is customizing good information to higher education environments, and making it applicable to our field.
What does SoftSkillsPros offer?
Answer: SoftSkillsPros offers two things:

  1. Training in what are known as soft skills (or people skills)
  2. Consulting in areas related to change, team building, organizational culture, or any organizational development initiative in which managers wish to achieve a successful effort which can only be accomplished by bringing out the best in people
How does SoftSkillsPros deliver its training?
Answer: Training is delivered in two convenient formats, depending on the individual or team’s needs:

  1. Online modules are delivered via progressive, online videos whereby a trainer works in an interactive way with the trainee. Workbooks are accessible through the online module, and the trainee views the video and completes the workbook alongside the video.
  2. Onsite seminars are also available. Onsite seminars follow the traditional delivery method: a SoftSkillsPros trainer will travel to your site and deliver a seminar to your team.
What are the training topics SoftSkillsPros offers?
Answer: Our website has a comprehensive list of offerings.  Our library of online modules includes Personality, Service, Management, and Organizational Culture. More modules are under development and will be announced as they are added to the library. On-site seminar topics include any topic offered in the online format but, in addition, a wider range of offerings. For example, on-site seminars are available in areas related to communication, diversity, and change. 
What if I need training, but my needs require some customization?
Answer: On-site seminar delivery is your best bet.  We can mix and match different modules, depending on your needs. We also have the experience and expertise to develop and customize material for your team.
What does a consulting relationship look like?
Answer: We do not offer consulting on technical topics; our consulting initiatives are best described as organizational development initiatives.  The relationship between institutional leadership and SoftSkillsPros is key. Our experience suggests that without leadership commitment and involvement, any initiative is doomed to failure.


Technical Questions

How are the online modules delivered?
Answer:  All of our online modules are delivered in our SoftSkillsPros training portal. Once you purchase a course and create a login, all of the modules you have purchased are ready to begin.
How do I get a username and password?
Answer: You will either be provided with access information via your office administrator (who has purchased training on your behalf) or by setting up an account after clicking “Get Started” under any of our online module descriptions.
What do the online courses consist of?
Answer:  All SoftSkillsPros modules consist of high definition videos and a corresponding workbook.  You are able to download the workbook and then follow along with the video.  Our partners will prompt you to pause the video at certain points in order to complete exercises in the workbook.
How long do the courses last?
Answer: All of the online modules last approximately 10 to 20 minutes.  After completing the assessments, exercises, and applications, the training for each module will be approximately 30 minutes total.
What if I have to leave when I am in the middle of a module?
Answer: All courses are available for a set number of days from the date of purchase. You can leave the module and come back right where you left off.  If you want to refresh your memory, you could begin earlier in the module as well – it’s up to you.
Can I try out a module before I pay for one?
Answer: Yes!  We offer a free trial of the first module in our Personality Series.  Try a Free Module
Do I have to log in at the same computer each time I want to complete my training?
Answer: No, you can access our training portal from any computer (and most mobile devices) with an Internet connection.
Do you sell DVDs or CDs of your training modules?
Answer: SoftSkillsPros does not sell DVDs or CDs of our training modules.
Do you offer Certificates of Completion?
Answer: Yes.  After the completion of a series, a certificate is automatically generated that can be printed or downloaded.
Is there any specific bandwidth or Internet connection required to view the videos?
Answer: Our training portal automatically detects the speed of your Internet connection and streams the videos to you at the optimal level for your system.
What mobile devices can I use to complete the training?
Answer: You can log in to our training portal on any iPad, iPhone, Android, and several other mobile devices.  We do recommend that you print out the workbooks on a device connected to a printer before launching the video.
Do I download the SoftSkillsPros training videos?
Answer: Our videos are only available through streaming media.
Do I need to have Adobe Flash installed to watch the videos?
Answer: No, our videos utilize streaming technology, which does not require Flash.

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