Service Culture Series

This series focuses on the concept of customer service and how to create a culture of service in your organization. It consists of four individual modules which may be purchased individually or altogether: Defining Service in Higher Education Environments, The External Customer Concept in Higher Education, Internal Customers, and Dealing with Difficult Customers and How to Say No.

Service Culture Series

Management Foundation Series

This series is recommended for current or aspiring managers and can serve as a refresher for directors and VPs. It consists of four individual modules which may be purchased individually or altogether: Management Essentials, Management Styles, Employee Engagement and Performance, and Employee Coaching.

Management Series

Personality and Workplace Communication Series

This series highlights the importance of understanding personality in the context of the workplace. It consists of two individual modules. The first module may be viewed for free or purchased in conjunction with the second module.

Personality Series

Organizational Culture Module

In this module participants assess the culture of their organizations, learn about different organizational cultures within higher education, and discover how culture influences employee interaction, office function, and service delivery.

Organizational Culture

On-Site Seminars

On-site seminars are meant to create a team experience. Most seminars will consist of multiple modules. A full-day seminar typically covers 4 – 5 standard modules; a half-day seminar covers between 2 – 3 modules. Customized on-site training may combine material from different modules or include supplementary material to meet the client’s education and training needs.

On-site Seminars

Additional Online Training

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