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Online modules are completed on an individual basis, on a desktop, laptop, or even mobile device. Online modules are meant to help institutional and campus offices assure that every professional on staff has access to training and education. It is not always possible for every staff member to attend an on-site seminar or participate in a national conference. SoftSkillsPros’ online modules are effective training and education solutions that are action-oriented, convenient, and cost-effective.

Each online module contains less than 15 minutes of facilitator instruction. Participant engagement in the exercises, through the accompanying workbook, means that modules actually take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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Module Description And Pricing

Service Culture Series

    1. Module 1: Defining Service In Higher Education Environments Participant-driven assessment of organizational and individual service applied to higher education environments.
    2. Module 2: The External Customer Concept in Higher Education Presents three critical questions that participants can apply to their customers in a way that leads to action to improve service delivery in a tangible way.
    3. Module 3: Internal Customers Participants learn how to deliver excellent service within their organizational environment to improve teamwork and internal communication.
    4. Module 4: Dealing with Difficult Customers and How to Say “No” Tools and practical exercises model use of the concepts. (Note: The Personality Series is an excellent complementary series to this module).
 Return on Investment for Participants:
  • Ownership for improving service
  • Enhanced understanding of customer needs and wants


  1. Single Module=$39
  2. Service Culture Series (all four modules)=$149

Management Series

    1. Module 1: Management Essentials Defines effective management through a highly personalized assessment tool.  Exercises and case studies to reinforce the essential skills that all managers in higher education need to be successful.
    2. Module 2: Management Styles Provides an assessment for participants to discern their management style, utilizes actual case studies to apply the knowledge of management styles to working environments.
    3. Module 3: Engagement and Performance Factors that influence employee engagement; and how engagement is tied to different levels of employee performance.
    4. Module 4: Employee Coaching Assesses participants’ coaching approach within the context of the SoftSkillsPros Coaching Model©.
Return on Investment for Participants:
  • Self-awareness of management strengths and weaknesses and individual leadership style
  • Strategies for managing and coaching employees at different performance levels


  1. Single Module=$49
  2. Management Foundation Series (all four modules)=$169

Personality Series

    1. Module 1: Personality and Workplace Communication This is a free online module. Participants take a personality assessment; learn about different personalities and how personalities influence the communication dynamic.
    2. Module 2: Personality and Workplace Communication Personality assessment results are plotted on a personality profile tool.  Participants learn about personality types to a deeper extent as it pertains to workplace communication and interaction with others.
 Return on Investment for Participants:
  • Knowledge of communication based on personality
  • Application of personality knowledge to workplace dynamics and service delivery


  1. First Module=FREE
  2. Second Module=$49

Organizational Culture

Participants assess the culture of their organization, learn about different organizational cultures within higher education, and discover how culture influences employee interaction, office function, and even service delivery.

Return on Investment for Participants:

  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Increase in innovation and efficiency


  1. Single Module=$99